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Olly Murs Never Been Better Tour 2015 CapitalFM Arena Nottingham 1st May 2015

Hiya everyone,

Firstly, I need to apologise that this post has come to you later than I had said! It was meant to be delivered to you on Friday but whilst I was writing it my laptop decided to play some kind of trick on me, then my internet went down so the videos that I wanted to include wouldn't upload onto Youtube (and I was not going to send you a half written piece that I wasn't fully happy with!) so I guess, it's that age old saying of "better late than never, huh? I am really sorry for the delay but here it is! With videos included at long last! ~ Enjoy!

I am literally so excited to be writing this blog post! It was a great opportunity for me to get my hands on the camera that my husband and I got in the latter months of last year... I'm by no means a photographer but I love any opportunity to snap a shot or two and this camera has a pretty good video feature too! I hope you don't mind the crazy amount of photos that will be coming up but as the saying goes "A picture paints a thousand words" - or something like that!

I'm not the worlds most experienced concert goer but I have been to a fair few concerts in my time. Robbie Williams, Keane (twice), Alesha Dixon, James Morrison, Lily Allen and seen LOTS of unsigned artists "gig". I even had one perform at our wedding! It's fair to say that I love music in all forms from classical to modern day pop hits and there's nothing better than seeing the spectacle and artistry of live music and musicians which yes, includes singers! (I could go into a whole rant about people that refuse to call singers musicians)!

This concert was really special for me for a few reasons.
  1. Dan got me my ticket for Christmas (well he teamed up with my uni friends to get it along with another ticket)
  2. Two of my really close uni friends got tickets too and although we have been friends for nearly 11 years, we have never been to a concert together before!
  3. Since my diagnosis I have pretty much lived in a "safe bubble" and not considered big concerts because of how they might affect me. Every other concert I have been to (apart from Alesha Dixon and James Morrison) I have bought standing tickets because I have always wanted to be near to the front, dancing my butt off and being amongst the hustle and bustle of the concert atmosphere. At the Alesha Dixon concert I was sat behind some of her "people" because My sister had won tickets so we got amazing seats and then she also won tickets for James Morrison but we were sat quite high up in the arena for that concert and I didn't feel as though we were as much part of the party if that makes sense.
So, after an afternoon of picking outfits, applying make-up, curling the life out of my hair and singing & chatting with my two besties we were ready to go!

First stop Tesco, Hucknall for Krispy Kreme! They do a box of three deal and as Laura didn't want one, it meant that Serena and I could pick one each (Original glazed for me; Strawberries and kreme for Serena) and then pick one for Dan (Lotus caramelised biscoff) - he'd so think that was a thoughtful treat! It was a perfect dessert for the pasta bake that I had cooked at home before we left.

After our tasty little treats and a stop off at the cash machine, we got on the tram into Nottingham. It's much easier when there is an event on to head into the city centre by tram. Parking is usually a stressful game of 'find a space'. Of course, if you are a lucky one, you usually have to pay a hefty price for the "luxury"! The trams run a discounted service for anyone with a concert ticket and for £2 return, it's not worth the hassle of jostling for a space!

As I have mentioned before, I am not a newbie to concerts and I have been to the arena in Nottingham a couple of times before but I got so frustrated with myself once I got off the tram. I got completely disorientated and as much as I'd like to blame my dodgy brain for it, I am afraid to say that 75% of it is the sheer fact that I have terrible sense of direction and the other 15% is related to brainy stuff and that is the complete lack of remembering things and the more I get anxious/stressy about it, the less likely it is that I will get my bearings and remember ANYTHING that I know, I know! It is insanely frustrating but I am so so lucky that whilst I was having a bit of a flap and getting a pit panicky Laura got straight onto maps and we were literally just around the corner! PHEW! Honestly, just thinking about that situation makes me feel stupid! Utterly ridiculous!

Once at the arena, we noticed the capitalfm team (the arena is sponsored by capitalfm radio). They were getting concert goers to hold up big signs and have their picture taken (probably for their website - I am yet to look that up). The three of us avoided them as we just wanted to get inside and head to the bathroom to freshen up as a priority then just get in the queue to enter the "ticket only" access area. Once through the (human) ticket barrier I bought my souvenir book. I really liked some of the merchandise but I honestly don't think I could see me wearing any of it (other than as a night shirt perhaps). I really liked the Ella Eyre tops that were for sale but again, I don't think that I would wear them out and about. Once we headed to our seating block entrance, I was getting the real sense of "wow, I'm at a concert" - I'd written that idea off long ago. When you have headaches that can literally send you into an almost paralysed state, the last thing you imagine you will ever do again is go to a pop concert! That feeling was slightly evened with a tinge of worry that I wouldn't cope with the lights, the movement and the noise but with the blink of an eye the big, heavy red door opened in front of me and there was this huge bluey-black space that stole those worries, the music samples that were playing were all to inviting and I WAS NOT BY ANY STRETCH missing that concert for all the love of toffee!!! The scariest bit (and I mean "flappy" scary) was getting to my seat... the steps are so steep and at parts, there's no hand rail (do I sound like your gran yet?) I wasn't wearing heels but I was shaking like a leaf once I got to my seat and I swear I must have just plonked myself down as fast as I could! We weren't far away from the stage really, we had very good seats but I didn't dare look above me and when ever I stood up (coz it's a concert, you HAVE to stand up)! I think my BP must have reached the roof of that building! I was "bricking it" all while trying to look super cool - I guess that's now how I live on the "edge" haha.

Relieved to be in our seats after tackling the stairs!
It was really entertaining seeing some of the hard core fans filter into the arena with their flashing hats and "I LOVE OLLY" home made signs. There were lots of young girls there so excited to see their number one man! It's so lovely to see. I only went to one big music event as a child and I think I was too young to have a real established favourite. I don't think I have one single favourite now. I appreciate musicians that work hard, are "clean" in the business and can sing LIVE! Aint nobody got time for that auto-tune crap!

The screens showing music videos switched off, and some people came on stage, they took their places and out came running the bouncy, curly haired beauty that is Ella Eyre - My goodness that girl can sing! I mean SIIIING! That girl has the voice, beauty and omg can she move?! Her energy is incredible! She was wearing a black and white striped (referee style I guess) crop top, a leather look skater skirt with a glitzy, sparkly thin gold belt around the waist line and some wedge Nike high tops. I know Nike are famous for their "air" trainers but what on earth were in those high tops 'cause I want me some of that!

Sorry, back to the singing - Do you want to see what I saw? Ah, go on then! Here's the moment Ella came running onto stage!

The three of us girls got up and cheered for her... a woman behind us tapped my friend on the shoulder and asked her to sit down. Now, Ella specifically asked for everyone to get out of their seats (point one), we were not there to watch the ballet (point two) and my friend is probably 5ft 0 in heels (TINY)(point three)... was the 5'8 tower of me asked to sit down? NO was my equally tall friend? NO! Was there an "issue"? YES - STAND UP AND HAVE SOME FUN for goodness sake! I wanted to throw a fun sponge at her for saying something to my diddy friend because it was THAT friend who had come up with the idea of the concert and it was THAT friend who had organised us all going! I sat next to her and said "everyone else in that block is stood up, if you want to stand up, stand up!" (Okay, in hindsight it was a tad arrogant of me to be like that but we were not in any "special" seating or an area for people with disabilities. We were doing exactly the same as hundreds of other people and it was the first song! We were excited)!

Anyway, I managed to get some photos (while I sat down) of Ellas set...


I could have watched her all night but her slot all too soon came to an end ready for the main man but not before she sang one of the best "feel good" tracks on the waves at the moment "Gravity". I managed to switch my camera over to video mode to film it. Here it is...

After a short interval we were well fired up to see Mr Murs... The music started to play, the big screens were showing a whole range of shots of Olly doing different poses, most of them in silhouette against a white screen (I didn't get a picture of this unfortunately) and the crowd literally nuts! It gave me goosebumps because that is when I realised that I was there... in a concert with two of my best friends in the world and after a turbulent three years, I had blinkin' got to a gig! Another tick on my list of "warrior things to do!" I was waiting for Olly to run on stage just as Ella had previously but OH NO - up he pops from a hole in the stage right at the front (as in IN-YOUR-FACE if you were sat on the front row). The screams were so loud it made me giggle! Well - that and the embarrassment of me looking in the complete wrong direction! woopsie! I wish I had filmed it because my reaction would have been gold! Unfortunately all of my initial pictures are so blurry due to the shakes and giggles that I had!

Can you remember back to the start of this post with the bit about "favourites"? Ironically, Robbie Williams is always one of my solid favourites and I think Olly performs in a similar style. He definitely owns the stage and gears the crowd in exactly the same manner as Robbie did when I saw him live a few moons ago! I honestly believe that Olly is a natural born entertainer. He's so witty, comes across as sweet centred (but not sickly sweet), jovial on stage yet completely focussed and such a crowd pleaser. He's either a very VERY good actor or he just has the natural ability to perform and not in an arrogant, starry way! He spoke to the crowd at times as if he was speaking to every single individual and that there was no-one else in the room. It's as if what he says are his true words, his true feeling and not one bit an "act" when the time is right. I guess that is reflected in his song writing, now I've had time to think about it! - wow, that's deep stuff for someone who's not one of "those" fans isn't it?!

Here's a few (a lot of) photos that I took of him at the concert.

Here's a video of  Olly Singing "Hey You Beautiful"...

I love how cheeky his is on stage - he's a real "feel good" kind of entertainer. Also his backing singers (the men in particular) can move! They're the kind of guys that feel the music. I hope you get what I mean, the singer on the left... look at him! He was animated the whole way through but not in an annoying "you're distracting me" kind of way! Just brilliant!
Ooh la laaah

The moment he proposed to all of the ladies in Nottingham haha

Too Hot!

HIS PANTS ARE ON FIRE! - I assure you they weren't! Ha!

Burn baby burn. Disco Inferno! - oops wrong singer!

It's fun to stay at the... ;)

They were all doing a little dance in unison at one point here - cute!

My favourite segment of the whole dang show! OMG Calm me right down - PIANO, Accoustic mmm mmm yes please!
 If you haven't guessed from the picture above I'm a sucker for "stripped back" music... when I saw that piano appear I was completely sold! I switched the camera right over to "film mode" and got this section recorded... oh yes I flippin' did! Melty heart. Before he started singing I said to Serena, "if he gets ON that piano I'm gunno go all mushy" Well what did he do... (remember I am not one of "those" fans!!!) just listen out for the "Oh Hello" on the video - that would be me in my full on *do not say something stupid, you're on film Hannah* mode! HA! I genuinely didn't know whether to become one of "those" fans and drop the camera to wolf whistle of just play it cool, I'm just gonna film ya doin' your thing. I was a mix of both - as soon as that camera was off I was all about the wolf whistling.

In a flash, Ella was skipping back on stage to perform the Demi Lovato parts of "Up". These two on stage were so fun to watch. They had a kookie little routine that they performed and it just "clicked". I think they should definitely work together in the future!

 After Ella went off stage, a HEYAWGE (huge) walkway lowered from the ceiling. It formed a bridge over the seated floor crowd to a sort of square catwalk type performance space. Olly sang his way along until he reached the island. There he addressed the crowed at the back of the arena and sat on the stage. He told us about his reason for writing "Dear Darlin'" and what it means to him now. It was very touching as he dedicated the song to anyone who has gone through or is facing struggles and/or loss.

 There we have it... I didn't get a good picture of the confetti cannon that showered the audience in gold glitter and streamers to close the show unfortunately but please take my word for it.... it was a firework and glitter fest! It was like a huge party and I was living on the adrenaline! I am so utterly grateful to my amazing husband and special friends (who travelled a long way to make it convenient/possible for me to go).

I feel so blessed to have done something that I genuinely didn't think I would do again for a very, very long time. It doesn't really matter about the after affects for that one off treat! (Ok, well I have got another concert coming up in a week - again it was a Christmas present) but I am trying a different tactic next time to not burn out so bad.

What an amazing Christmas 2014-in-may gift to have! Hurrah!

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  1. How fun! Sounds like such an amazing night. I'd never heard of Olly before, but I'll have to check out his music!

    1. Hey Ashley! Thanks for the comment. It was an full on amazing night! Be sure to check Olly (and Ella Eyre) out - I hope the videos on the page worked! He was the runner up in a UK tv singing show (The X Factor) in 2009 and since then he's been quite well known over here and later this year he's co-hosting The X Factor! - I guess it's like going full circle! x

  2. It sounds like you had a fantastic time! Your recap makes it seem like I was there!

    1. Thanks Angela! It was so fun that I want everyone to share the feeling I had! (minus the flappy bit before getting to the arena). I can highly recommend his concerts if you're into music and if he ever tours your way! xx

  3. I honestly don't know who these artists are, but I watched the videos and it seems like it was such fun energy and a great concert to attend with your friends! :)

    1. Thank you for confirming that the videos are working! It was a great evening with my friends x

  4. Replies
    1. It certainly was! Thank you for leaving a comment.xx

  5. Never heard of the olly guy but have heard of Demi levato so I can kind of guess how they sound, I'm sure it was a blast!

    1. Hey Lauren, I don't know if Demi and Olly have released the song out of the UK - they must have done somewhere. It's been a hit over here. I think Demi is doing a tour over here soon. xx