Wednesday, 6 May 2015

LYBS - Your Dream Vacation

Hello! Welcome back to my blog. Once again I answer one of the prompts from Let Your Blog Shine. This week the prompt is "your dream vacation". Well, in England, we say holiday so if you read holiday in this blog, please don't confuse it with Christmas or Halloween... I mean going on holiday or vacation! hehe.
Everyone dreams of holidays in a variety of places. For some it is white sandy beaches, turquoise sea, palm trees and cocktails, others it's a full on adventure, rambling through a rainforest, looking at wildlife or white water rafting down some fast flowing water-coaster (opposed to rollercoaster). You know where I'm going with that - everyone is so different and it's ok to dream right? Those dreams can very easily become a reality given plenty of planning, time and money.
So, what is my dream holiday? The things I have mentioned sound so utterly amazing, granted and at one point in my life I did spontaneously say that if I could go anywhere in the world for a holiday I would go to Fiji. That has changed in recent years. My dream has developed into something so far fetched that I know that it can only ever be a dream but like I say, it is okay to dream, right?
So here it is. Welcome to my dream. (this has not thoroughly been thought out and planned by the way so distances and length could be completely be stupid but hey, it's a DREAM)!
When I was little I had the view that you weren't going on holiday unless you were going abroad (basically that's what my friends used to tell me). That is NOT true! I have seen most of the united kingdom thanks to the family holidays that I went on during my younger years. My parents had a caravan from when I was born so we used to go away A LOT as a family thanks to our caravan! (Lots more than my jet setting friends from school)! We also used to spend the majority of the summer holidays from school (6 weeks in the summer)  ON HOLIDAY at different locations across the UK. Not many people can say that! Few abroad holidays I have had are memorable (France, Denmark and a 6 week long tour of America and Canada - which was my Dads dream holiday as it happens)! Growing up, my parents always taught us that a holiday is anything that is a break from the 'norm'. For this to be a dream holiday and be a break from the 'norm', I would be well, my brain condition would not exist and I would be able to do everything that I want to do without illness or medication - that in itself is a dream!
Stop one: Poole, Dorset - Sunseeker. Hire a luxury boat and skipper for our adventure. Dan would be with me throughout the whole trip and then different family and friends would join at different points.
Every time I visit family in Dorset, I go to Poole and watch the Sunseeker workers finish off the latest yacht! - DREAMY!
Once I had hired the yacht of my choice (probably the 40metre or 75Yacht - go look at them - completely my idea of a dream and totally not going to be a reality unless I win the lottery). I would go for my first trip in it to a secluded little sun trap somewhere exotic with Dan.
Next stop: America!
Disney land Florida, I have always wanted to go to Florida to see Mikey, Minnie and friends. I would take my Sister, nephew, my closest friends and their children. To see their faces would make make me feel so so good.
I'd want to visit Ted the blowfish in Sarasota airport. I have watched CTFxC and Alli Speed videos for a while and to go and say hey to Ted would be a bit of a dream come true! Kinda knowing what it's like to have a dodgy brain makes me sort of "get it" with Charles and Alli! - Love them!
NYC - SHOPPING! I'd have to take my sister and Serena! We'd hit all of the beauty shops! I'd take Laura to Broadway for sure too. My family and I would go to ground zero and pay our respects. We went up the tower in 1998 when we were in NYC as part of our tour of America and Canada. The day the towers went down hit the world hard and it hit our family hard too. I'd also visit the statue of liberty because I wasn't well on the day we were meant to go in 1998!
Next stop: Fiji - I'm intrigued, why did I so desperately want to go there?
On to Borneo: The orang-utan project. I LOVE them! Anything to help raise awareness and preserve their natural habitat, I'm all for! I just want to hold them and love them (I know, it's not natural because I'm human but if the opportunity was there I'd be stupid to turn it down).
Sydney: The opera house! I'd love to go there for a sophisticated evening out with my mum and dad. I also want to go to the zoo in Australia. That would be sooooo cool!
New Zealand: Family trip to see where some of my family live.
Germany: I want to go there with my brother and his girlfriend. They tell me so so much about it. This would be so cool around Christmas time (quite literally I imagine).
Ibiza: With all of my friends - one last chance to go completely wild but I'd want to go into one of the best clubs on the island and have VIP service as it's my last big night out.
Monte calo - me and Dan, unwinding from all of the fun on this holiday, enjoying the Sunseeker before it goes back and celebrating a wonderful dream holiday making amazing memories with my favourite people! - Afterall, what's a holiday if you don't make great memories?!
At the end of the day, you can build a dream in a real situation. It's the people who are with you and the choices you make that can make the holiday most special! My advice, enjoy, capture and remember the good bits about all of your holidays!
Here are some of my favourite holiday photos that I've taken.
What is your dream holiday? Is it as crazy and packed as mine or is it more realistic and achievable?
Let me know in the comments your three top items for taking on holiday.

Sending love and hugs to wherever you are in the world!


  1. The historic end of Ibiza appeals to me but the clubbing end really doesn't....yeah I'm so boring lol. Disney would be amazing!! Maybe when Jaxon is a little older so he can properly experience it (right now he just needs to sleep lol. He barely napped today!)

  2. yes the historic side does appeal to me too but you know me... I'd have to have a big party night out too. My last one though... before I wake up and I'm back to being the head case 30 year old me again! lol. Give Jaxon a squidge from me. Love to you all.xx