Wednesday, 13 May 2015

LYBS - What makes you feel Beautiful?


It's Wednesday again which can only mean one thing... It's time to team up with Let Your Blog Shine and write about (or I should say answer) this weeks prompt which is "What makes you feel beautiful?"

I'm sure there's a One Direction quote in there somewhere but no, I'll save myself the embarrassment and answer it properly and honestly.

I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to answer this question... What, exactly makes me feel beautiful? I have never asked myself or, for that matter, been asked that question in my 30 years of existence. I think I have a rough idea of what makes me look beautiful which helps to make me feel beautiful but it's deeper than the mere appearance and how society would 'accept' or 'expect' me to look to be "beautiful".

Crikey, this post is getting deep. Grab a cuppa and a biscuit and join the "session"!

Something that you might think is completely bonkers makes me feel beautiful - it's having someone that says "I love you" everyday and not just saying it but showing it too! Someone that can see past the mess that looks back at him when I'm so ill that I can hardly walk, have my hair scraped back and beads of sweat on my forehead and wearing miss matched pyjamas that are totally the most unsexy thing in the world (what a wonderful mental image you must have - Dan gets that in real life, along with the sick and tears. He needs a medal!). It's at those times when that one person takes every bit of ugly and turns them into something to make me feel beautiful in his own little way! To this day I cant believe that he knew what was happening medically and yet he chose to stay on this path by my side and marry me! Every time I get called "Wifey" it makes me feel beautiful - even if it's just to him, that's amazing - who else do I need to be beautiful for?

That paragraph above wasn't too easy to write. I try not to talk about the "bad" stuff that goes on but it's happens. Its part of what I live with. Next month I am dedicating the month to my illness and things associated to it to go hand-in-hand with the first official awareness month for the one of my conditions.

Something that I have learnt over the years is to stop trying to please everyone else... beauty really is something far deeper than skin, clothes, make up (you know where I am going). It is in your mind, you heart and your soul. I think eyes give quite a lot away too - I have this thing about eyes... they are the window to the soul so they sell a life story without anyone reading the 'blurb' (i.e. you know which ones to avoid and which ones you want to find more about - Think e-fit pictures or pictures of criminals... whenever they are shown on TV they nearly always pan out from the eyes)!

Lastly, having the strength to deal with the "rubbish" that I currently have (health wise), having the ability to love and be loved, having faith, confidence and having the most wonderful people surrounding me are all the things that help to make me feel not only beautiful but alive!

Look at that Hepburn Quote!!! What was I saying about eyes?! I found this quote after writing the post!

I apologise if you were coming here to see something jovial or light. It's my honest answer to the question prompt that I was sent.

What makes you feel beautiful? Let me know in the comments and as always I will reply.

Love and hugs, as always.


  1. Oh my that's hilarious. I promise I read yours after writing mine. My opening paragraph "Although I'm listening to a podcast this title is making me sing One Direction in my head. Oh dear!"

    What's with that?? If Chris can still look past me with Norovirus and Food poisoning he gets a medal too! Both times he was a superstar and properly took care of me. (Eek! How did it get to 1am??)

  2. 15th May at 01.22 and I just laughed at this comment! If anyone reads this - please note: I am a delirious wreck and my friend here has been grabbing my vibes from miles away! We're not in the same county (thank crunchie for spell checker there - i'll let you work it out, oh lord above help me!) and yet she gets my OD vibes in the first paragraph on her blog! haha. I wonder how many of us will write something along those lines? It screamed out to me! Anyway, big day for me today - "There aint no party like an S club partaaaaay" loves all around beautiful ;) xx