Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Stop! Oh yes, wait a minute Mister postman!

Can anyone else remember the dance that Ant, Dec and Cat Deeley used to do on SM:TV live to The Carpenters Song? I seem to be having another (very welcome) good day today. I woke up with only the "usual" headache that I am now used to and decided to have a shower to wake up properly to face the day. I'm really loving my Pomegranate moisturising shower lotion at the moment by Right Guard. It smells so fruity and fresh and leaves my skin feeling baby soft! My hands tend to react quite badly to a lot of products (even sensitive baby ones) but this shower lotion doesn't affect them so that's a big bonus! As I was drying and choosing a nail varnish (which ended up to be Tanya Burrs Little Duck) I heard someone knock on the door. Not giving it a second of thought I went downstairs and shouted "wait a minute", grabbed my keys and proceeded to unlock the door and open it to... Mr postman with a parcel for meeeee! The poor man that was stood on the other side of the door nearly choked as he said "good morning" amid giggling at me! Only then did it register that I was dressed in nothing but a large blue patterned towel covering my body and a blue candy striped rock effect towel covering my hair in a wrap! I clearly hadn't thought before just opening the door. I mean, patterns and stripes are a HUGE no go! Gah, Hannah sort yourself out, love!

The Nail Varnish...
I applied one coat of O.P.I Start to Finish then two coats of Little Duck followed by a top coat of the O.P.I start to finish. Although I bought the Tanya Burr varnish a few weeks ago (along with £40 worth of other goodies at superdrug - woopsie), today was the first time that I've used it and I LOVE it. The colour dries slightly darker than what it looks like in the bottle but only very slightly and I think that is to be expected when you apply multiply layers anyway so it's not something that bothers me! It's actually a perfect colour match for the tiny flowers on the top that I'm wearing today!

I knew who it was from as soon as I saw the writing on the address label! Hannie! It can mean only one thing... WOOL! (Hannie calls it yarn, I call it wool - I'm not fussy either way - it's fluffy stuff used in knitting and crochet)! The challenge is on to now make a certain little blueberry bump a sock monkey out wool before he/she decides to make an appearance into the world other than in the form of a wriggly bump. I had to wait until about 3.30 to actually open the parcel because one of my old band friends came to visit me and drop off some stuff that I had lent her for university. It was lovely to see her again and catch up. I got little (lot) excited when I opened the box because in my head I was half expecting a jumble of lots of different block colours of wool. To my utter delight I got a pop of this...

OH MY ACTUAL DAYS! The multi toned wools are my absolute favourite to work with. No two projects are the same and I love how the colours blend. I can definitely work with these little balls of beautifulness (yep, you read that right and it is now officially a word - in my world it is anyway). There's a ball in the top right of the pic that is a blend of blue and pink and therefore perfect for a surprise gender baby! I think I will use that for the  main body of the monkey. Here is better picture of my favourite balls of wool...

I will hopefully start my new project after tea this evening and I will make sure I take plenty of photos along the way and I will blog the progress! If you have any crochet related questions please feel free to ask me. My mum taught me initially and since I've not been well I've pretty much covered everything from Christmas decorations to christening shawls. If I can't help you, I might know someone that can. I hope that my blog is easy reading for you and that you're enjoying the content. I'd love to see some comments (preferably nice ones). I will always comment back as soon as I can.

Until next time.
Toodles Noodles.


  1. Ooh! I love that colour of nail varnish. I've not had my nails painted since before Christmas. Some people say it's okay to paint your nails as long as the polish doesn't contact certain chemicals - however the ingredients list is that tiny that you can't always read it! Doh! Maybe I'll be painting my nails between feeds, changes and hugs lol.

    Glad you like the wool/yarn/stuff I couldn't decide so went with a selection and included the grey in case it needed like base colour to start with.

  2. Thanks Lovely, I think I might dig out my other blues and have a go at doing a bit of an ombre effect on my nails next for something different... we'll see how chipped they get with all the crocheting first haha.

    The pattern I have has a base and is basically two colours but I want to be a bit creative! I mean, the mother of this baby brides herself in deliberately wearing odd socks so why have a uniform sock monkey?! Haha. Some boundaries are there to be stretched ;) Have you heard that somewhere before? Saying that though, I might make a few little baby goodies for blueberry.