Monday, 19 May 2014

Making A Decision...

Anyone that knows me (and for those of you that want to get to know me be warned right now) know that I am TERRIBLE at making a decision. It is probably one of my worst traits. I am ok when the end result is easy and there is absolutely no doubt or choice in my mind for example saying yes when Dan proposed - it was after we dated for a long time and it was just "perfect" timing. Choosing things for the wedding on the other hand was a nightmare! There was far too many options and I loved so many things. In fact I might even write a whole blog post about my wedding choices one day! - leave me a comment if you would like to see a "what I had at my wedding" blog.

Examples of my bad side of decision making: I've NEVER been good at naming my own teddies from being a child! My parents often had to name them for me or I would have just had teddy one, teddy two etc. I lived next door to a newsagent with my parents and when I was little I used to be able to go and have a 10p mix - not content with the mix as it came, I used to insist on picking my own and spending about 30mins picking TEN PENNY CHEWS!!!! Now, I know it's not hard to do, it's not hard at all but somehow it was an impossible task for me to do yet I tortured myself and my neighbour once a week with the same routine of ums and arrs!

To this day I can't go shopping and get EVERYTHING I need, I always forget something because there's been too much choice and therefore I have gone without... alternatively and frustratingly for my poor husband I have been known to come home with every kind... most recently vest tops - one in every colour because: a) I couldn't decide what colour I liked best. b) vest tops are useful all year round. c) I can never have too many! - I DO have an answer for everything. When it comes to clothes, make up, shoes and bags I do anyway!

So, why on earth am I writing a blog NOW? I have toyed with the idea for years, literally years but I've never felt brave enough to put my fingers to the keyboard to type with the idea that anyone would want to read what I am typing. I'm beyond that now and at this point in my life it is because I want to write. I have decided to do it as a form of therapy, to have some focussed time every day if possible to write. See, I've not been too well for just over two years and although I have many hobbies such as crochet, wall art, music and make up I want something that I can turn to even when I feel at my very worst (even if it's just making notes on paper ready to type when I pick up again). Writing a blog can be achieved in the space of a few minutes and I will feel that I have managed to complete something even on the worst of days! Sometimes that could be my bit of sunshine!

If there is anything that you would like me to write a blog about then please leave me a comment. I will reply to all of my comments as soon as I can!

My friend (also called Hannah, or Hannie to me) helped me so much today from 106ish miles away! Thank you Hannie! You can read all about her blog at this very exciting time in her life over on Hannah Says.

Until next time,
Toodles Noodles

Hannah :)

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