Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Time for a baby shower!

Hello, I'm back again!

I'm sorry that I didn't blog after Tuesday last week... it kind of went a little crazy after I posted the blog. Tea happened and I started the crocheting.

This is how far I got before I started to nod off!
So, Wednesday was my "do nothing but crochet day". Well, on the whole this was quite successful. I crocheted a lot and I had to take a few breaks to give my hands a rest but I made the head, body and ears so was well on my way and in my head I thought I'd be well in for a crack at getting it ready for Hannie's baby shower on Saturday (24th).

The top of the head

The bottom. I love how the wool changes colour!
Then Thursday Happened!

Dan had planned to be off work so I decided that we should spend the day together and do the usual Saturday stuff on Thursday instead. I knew that the weekend was going to be busy as we were going to Bedford on Saturday and then a planned trip out on Sunday. We (Dan) was helping Mum and Dad with some furniture manoeuvring ready for a new floor to be put down at their house and then we did our shopping with a little trip to Meadowhall thrown in to get my Dad's Father's Day pressie. While I was in Meadowhall I went to Waterstones and got a copy of Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. I told Mum about it and she asked me to get two more copies (one for herself and one as a gift). I am yet to start mine but it just looks sooooo fun! They were on an offer in store which were buy one book and get one half price so I got The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. He's a youtuber that I've watched and I watched the day he announced the passing of Ester Earl. She was and still is such an inspirational young lady and inspired John to write the book.

After such a crazy hectic Thursday, I felt awful on Friday and scared myself that perhaps I had overcooked myself before a busy weekend so my plan for Friday was to just do nothing! - I had an appointment to have my hair done and although I haven't had it done since my wedding (over a year ago) I do love having someone do my hair! The reason I haven't been for so long is partly to do with my health and partly because I can never decide what I want doing - reference to my first blog post there! I managed to get some crocheting done but I just knew that I wasn't going to finish it in time for the shower and I am someone who would rather send it looking well made and complete than rush it and it look rubbish just because I wanted the piece to be finished. Hannie had no expectation at all for it to be done ready for the shower.

This is how it looked in time for the shower.

Saturday 24th May - Baby Shower Day!
My lovely man woke me up early and he was going to take the car to the car wash while I got ready to go to Bedford. When Dan was checking the oil levels he noticed that the pipe that he has only just bought has split all the way through so instead of the car that we would normally use for longer distances, we had to use my teeny tiny car that is more of a town car and didn't have a full tank of fuel so instead of getting a clean car we had to deal with a shop that sold a dodgy part and a change of cars. It normally takes about 2hours from here to Bedford but it was literally the nightmare of all nightmare journeys!

On my way to Bedford - a bit sleepy 
but VERY excited!
I know that going "down south" on a bank holiday is tricky but we literally hit EVERY single bit of traffic we were in a shoe box too so we eventually arrived in Bedford at about 1.30 and after diving for the loo we were both ready for a spot of lunch! We had a lovely meal at the Harvester. The waitress was so lovely and her baby girl is due the day before Hannies little blueberry so we told her that she might see our friend at hospital when she has her little visit from the stork! Dan went to Milton Keynes with another friends husband and we arranged that we would meet them at Tesco later.

THE BABY SHOWER WAS BRILLIANT! Hannie and her mum had put out some BEAUTIFUL cakes! I chatted with some of Hannies friends and with Hannie and it was just soooo exciting seeing her perfectly formed bump knowing that when I next see them, I can have a cuddle with the little perfect bump! I got a little emotional really. Hannie was the first person I spoke to from my course at university. I was away from home, on the opposite campus to my course and I didn't have a clue what to do! As Han is from Bedford she just seemed really confident and we pretty much got on from the get go. Fast forward three years and I was in her Mum and Dads house applying her make up and telling her she wasn't allowed to cry once the look was complete (when her Dad walked in the room) and then fast forward to 2014 and here we are 7 years later, her mum saying I remember you putting "our make up on Hannah, I seems only yesterday" and she's about be a Grandma for the first time! I watched some of the present opening but I had to leave at 5 because the friend I went with and her husband had plans so Dan would have been on his own (he doesn't know Bedford) and without a car. As I was leaving I said my goodbyes and Hannies mum AKA Mummy S, Hugged me and it just took me right back to the days I spent at their house prepping Hannie and Chris' Wedding and how much I just loved being there. It was a real mum hug! And soon her daughter will be giving REAL mum hugs too! I still get goose bumps when I think about it. In a few weeks I think I will just burst! When we got home I started to sew the face onto the monkey that I'm crocheting and then I decided that as I'd needed medication to get through the day, it'd be better to get an early night because we were going to the milk race in Nottingham on Sunday. My next blog will be about that.

This little monkey is coming together now. 
Just the limbs and a tail to go
I'm sorry that I crammed all of this into one - I think I need to sort some kind of schedule out for it to fit and then add "tag blogs" in or something - we shall see! Thanks for being patient. I'm good at waffling and not so good at editing! That's it for today. I hope you've all had a fun Bank Holliday weekend if you're in the UK and if not, then just a fun time wherever you are. Please remember to comment and I will always comment back!

Until next time!

Toodles Noodles :)


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