About Me


My name is Hannah.

I'm  thirty years old (YIKES)! I'm a Wife (to Dan), Daughter (of Mum and Dad), Sister (younger of Tim, Twin of Bex), Auntie (to Little Boo), Friend (to lovely people) and Chiarian (I will blog about that) from North Nottinghamshire, UK.

I have a Performing Arts degree, a PGCE (teaching) qualification/degree and I am something of a musician (I can play the piano, clarinet and sax and I'm learning to play the guitar). I love all things music from classical to Motown and musicals to rock music. Music has enabled me to perform A LOT in many a venue and I really hope to be able to again in the not too distant future. I haven't really done any acting/stage work since my uni days but I might do some AmDram in the future and as for teaching - I am qualified and I loved my job but for the moment I am not working due to my health (which will be explained in the chiari blog). I cant wait for the day I can get back in the classroom and do what I love doing the most!!

I am slightly obsessed with make up and pretty packaging on items (yes, I know it is a bit strange). I balance my "girliness" with my love of watching fast (and occasionally dangerous things). Fast cars and planes are my bag really! I have lived most of my life in Nottinghamshire but I spent my under grad degree days in Bedford (Polhill Campus) and my teacher training year in sunny Scarborough (also where my Grandma "learnt" how to teach during the war)!

I believe that no matter how bad a day, you should always look for something good (A little bit of sunshine)!

Here's me on my favourite day so far:

Notice the tiny daffodil in my bouquet? yep, it's also a little obsession I have - there's a reason behind it and I might even tell you one day...