Thursday, 28 May 2015

Kiko - my first time!

Hello everyone

Yet again, it's been a crazy few days for me. I think I need to start building up a bank of posts rather than give you regular as they happen updates so to speak. This weekend my sister asked me if I'd like a trip with her into the city centre as she wanted to go shopping for a birthday present for a friend and thought I'd like the trip out (Dan was awake bike riding).

We got into Nottingham and into the Victoria Shopping Centre where the first shop I saw was Kiko Cosmetics. Now, I have read blogs over magazines and watched YouTube over TV for about 3 years now so of course I have heard about Kiko and of course that meant me throwing myself and my sister into this wonderful, colourful cave of make-up, skin care and everything in between!

First hit - eyeshadows.
The display on the right hand side was full of colourful discs from luminous yellow and sparkly blues to subtle matte beige and warm copper colours. They were the infinity range. They were all on offer, as were the magnetic palettes that housed them. Not surprising every colour that I was interested in was sold out! According to the member of staff who was (not) helping us, Kiko are changing the infinity range hence why they are all so cheap now! (What better excuse to go back huh?)
Next to them were some "colour sphere" shadows. These are super high pigment and have a beautiful pay off. The ones I tried were all quite shimmery and can be used with water to create a more intense look. I bought the shade 20. Price: £5.90

It's a beautiful pewter colour which I think will look lovely either as a subtle sheen wash or built up then blended with a darker colour for a smokey eye (I'm thinking prom make up for a black or blue gown).
The water shadows look incredible! A definite dupe for Mac to look at. I didn't get a chance to sample any because the shop was so crammed I was kind of being pushed along so the general shopping experience wasn't that fun!
Best purchase "Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow" - I HAD to go and get me one of these! I have read so much about them! they have been compared to the By Terry Ombre Blackstar and at £6.90 I couldn't afford to walk by and not give them a try! I got the shade 28 and I definitely have the need to now go back and get more (probably darker) shades. I can't quite justify the £29 for the By Terry version but £6.90 for a very similar product is definitely more do-able I think!

The display of lip products was immense! I love the way that you can see the colours and ranges clearly. I have wanted an orangey red lipstick for ages but have never dared to go and get one. Well, my sister picked out THE colour that I have been longing for. A hint of orange, a lot of red and totally creamy with a nice shine. It was only £3.90 as well so not breaking the bank at all!

I've yet to try this on my lips and have a feeling it's going to be one of those lipsticks that will need a lot of touch ups but I love the colour and I think it will look lovely with a bit of a tan.

I have to admit that I found my first Kiko experience quite overwhelming. I don't usually feel too comfortable in crowded shops. The Nottingham store isn't that big so it filled up quite quickly with customers. Also, I wasn't really prepared for my trip. I am the kind of person that has to dress a certain way to shop for myself. It might seem odd but I have to be in the right mood and that includes being dressed to shop. However, I was totally happy to browse the products and help my sister make some purchases and I am really happy with my little lot! I'm gutted that they had sold out of the setting spray - just a little excuse to go back soon *wink wink*.

I must take the time to tell you about my sister now. She used to be the one out of us both that spent more time on herself. She's always had lovely hair and she can get her face made up looking stunning in no time at all. When she had her son, she got rid of a lot of her make-up. She simply lost her "me" time and focused her everything on her new baby. There is absolutely nothing at all "wrong" with that and obviously, I think she is beautiful any way but recently she has been talking to me about getting started with make up again to make herself feel good. Well, she didn't need to have that chat twice! I got her a little Ted Baker make up bag (in the sale - it was seriously cheap at £5.80) and stuffed in some basics to get her started. Since then I have gone through my stuff and sorted out what I could give to her. Well, this Kiko trip showed me a bit of my old sister. She was talking about make up and colour like she used to. She was offering advice to another customer who couldn't decide on a lipstick colour and it was just lovely to see my sister be the confident and lovely person I know that she has always been! The added advantage of Kiko cosmetics is that it is purse friendly! My sister went giddy when she saw a lipstick for £3.90 and nail polish for as little as £1.00! That's cheaper than some drugstore brands! She got herself a little basket and picked up a really bright pink nail varnish, some lipstick and eyeshadow. It was like we were teens again!

Have you got a Kiko near you? What are your top 3 beauty buys?

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  1. I don't think I've come across Kiko before. My last purchase was a new eyeliner and two new nail varnishes from my new Avon lady. Need to tidy up my nails - I got as far as taking off all my chipped nail polish but some nails are now really long and others are short lol.