Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday Favourties #2


I hope you're all well. I'm feeling a little bit like I've lost touch with the world this week. I have been preparing some things to go on my blog in June (get me being all organised). My sleeping pattern has completely gone out of the window which has been annoying but I've had a "down week" where I don't do too much so I've chance to charge my batteries!

I've got a pretty important meeting happening today (will probably write a bit about it in one of the June blogs) so I'm in need of a positivity fix and what better than to write my Friday Favourites?

Bed times.
Kicking it off, this week I have been loving my bed! - Most of the time whilst I've been at home I have been propped up in the huge super comfy memory foam nest doing my computery bits and bobs. I have really struggled to stay warm and my arms have been misbehaving so comfy rules.

Lounge wear.
What better to go with a comfy bed than longing clothes? Slouchy joggers, baggy vest tops or simply just some comfy pyjamas. Totally not pretty but totally comfy and sometimes that's all a girl wants! I have pretty much lived in miss match PJs this week. They have served me well!
(no selfies were taken you will be pleased to know)!

I got a whole lot of love following the S club photos! It made me feel pretty damn great on an otherwise rough day! I am slightly addicted to typing random words into the search just to see random pictures! (I know, I'm sad but it's fun! - try it some time). I saw some pretty spectacular photos of Niagra Falls which brought back some fabulous memories!
You can follow me @littlegoldendaffodil (shameless plug there)

Bloomin' Rouge
This blog! Holly over at Bloomin' Rouge is a Canadian make up artist who writes a deliciously inviting blog which includes blogging tutorials (notice that my blog looks a bit different? - thank you Holly) amongst make up reviews, tutorials and tips. I love her style, her photos are crisp, clean and simply stunning. I'd describe her blogs as the essential biscuit to have with a cup of tea! Sweat, delicious and easy to digest! I am guilty of taking that whole pack and chomping most of my through in the last few days - warning: *this blog is addictive*! Pop over to her and leave a comment telling her that you came from mine.

Photo credit: Holly at
Well, I think I will leave it there for this week. If you have a favourite blog at the moment leave the link in the comments and I will go have a look.

Love and hugs

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  1. My bed is so snuggly too. Although a certain small human encourages me out it earlier that I'd like some mornings lol. Yesterday he was calm enough to sit in bed and play with his toys. He had a thing about the rubber duck from the bath so I got another couple while we were in the supermarket.