Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Let Your Blog Shine: Your 5 Favourite Quotes and a video!

I have recently joined a group that gives out prompts to make my blog shine. This week my prompt is to post about my 5 favourite quotes. I thought I would incorporate this weeks challenge with mine and that is to include a video in a blog.

so... grab 56 seconds worth of popcorn, select full screen view, get comfy and here is my first ever blog movie!

I generally have a quote or saying that suits most situations and when I really, really think hard about my favourites I find it quite a challenge to narrow them down. They tend to vary and change depending on my mood or situation that I am in. The ones that I like to hear or use most often, or the ones I have used most recently are the ones in the video. I think they sum me up too. I think deep and reflect but I am also quite silly. You might think it is odd that I put "I love you" in there. I have a reason for this. I don't think we tell people enough. Love means so many different things and you can love a pet, a friend, a relative, a cuddly toy and it is a word that doesn't have to be said to be heard or felt if you get my drift. You don't need an excuse to make someone feel loved! It's probably my favourite quote of all time!

What do you think to my first ever video? Would you be interested in more? I did some videoing with one of my friends a couple of weekends ago - I might post one of those up on here if she agrees to me putting her on my blog.

What are your top three quotes? I'll add them to my bank of sayings.

Love and hugs. Hannah.xx


  1. Smile, it confuses people is one of my favourites and was actually on my list too. Two of my quotes are catch phrases that we started or used lots.

    1. I wish I had replied to your comment on here before heading over to your blog because I guess which ones you were going to put! Great minds eh? I like quotes (as you know) but my books that I did when I scrap booked are still boxed up from the house moves (with my teaching gear). I think I'm going to have to have a rummage and I might put a quote up once a month on my blog. Xxx