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TAG, you're it! Get to know me.

Well hello there my wonderful sun beams!

I have been TAGGED by Hannie over at hannahsays. She knows pretty much everything about me but here's a load of random stuff that will hopefully help you to get to know me a bit better :)
Tell us 5 random facts about you:
1. I played the role of Rizzo in a school production of Grease. (yep, I kept my pink ladies jacket)!
2. I have been a Bridesmaid 3 times (once when I was 3, then again when I was 12 - I think - and then most recently when my twin sister got married in 2011).
3. I spent 6 weeks travelling in a motorhome (camper van) around parts of N.America and Canada
4. I have (UK) size six feet (it has to be a random fact, right?)
5. I can communicate using sign language (Makaton) - It is different from ASL and BSL but I can get by just about with BSL.

When is your birthday?
September 27th and I share it with my lovely Twinny, Bex

What is your favourite colour?
Blue. I love most shades of blue but I LOVE cornflower blue at the moment.
What is your favourite memory?
I have soooo many! There's a game that me, my brother and sister used to play together when we were little. It was like a role play game where we owned shops and we all had "adult names". My name was Caroline and I had a clothes boutique. Haha. We literally played that game for years whenever we were all stuck for something to do, we just slipped into our adult roles and I loved those quality years with my siblings. Family holidays were always fun. We'd spend a lot of them with friends and family and there are literally dozens of funny stories from each! More recently there is seeing my sister happy - that's a huge one for me! Her wedding day was a huge deal and then when she had Little Boo it was definitely one of my happiest memories... I slept at my parents the night she actually had him. She'd been in hospital for a few days and then at 4am we got the call from my brother - in - law to say it was a boy. Me, my mum and my dad all sat weepy eyed on my mum and dads bed eating HotelChocolat champagne hearts. The day Dan proposed is also a favourite memory. He TRICKED me and my parents were in on it too - I was in a foul mood on the day. I was working really hard prepping work for school and getting stressed then the next minute my mum stopped me and said that Dan had just phoned from town saying he was buying me some clothes for my birthday (which was weeks away) and that he wanted me to try some items on... I was REALLY not in the mood to shop but mum persuaded me that a break would be good. Dad drove us to "save on parking" and dropped me at the other side of town to where the shops that he would have been in were but ironically near to my favourite jewellers (the one that I ALWAYS dragged him to and I always looked in the windows when I went passed). Just out of sight was a nervous Dan and he popped out and said "I don't want to get it wrong. There's too many and if you want to be my wife, you'd better pick a ring." SHOCK OF MY LIFE! I wasn't expecting it at all and just that he put it like that was so typical of him lol. When we were on the way to his mum and dads he got on one knee at the place we first met (our old school) and "properly" proposed and we just giggled the whole way. I cried a lot! Another Favourite memory is sitting at the reception of my wedding day, my dad was doing his father of the bride speech and it was a mixture of having made it to that point, sharing it with so many people (that were purely there for me and Dan and because of us if that makes sense) and seeing a massive room filled with happy faces ready to party! It's hard to explain how it feels really, I have gained a lovely family when I married Dan. Two of our bridesmaids were his twin cousins and I love those girls so much. I love his whole family so much to be honest! - WOAH SORRY FOR THE ESSAY PEEPS!
Describe a day in your life:
Oh heck! It varies. I really need to write the blog about my illness really and it will make this part a bit clearer. I never quite know which way a day will go. On a "good" day I can pretty much live a "normal" life. An "average" day is a late wake up (due to medication), a little bit of housework and organising (usually from the night before), crocheting, occasional family visits, sometimes a nap if needed (due to medication) and then When Dan is home we always have "unwind time" where the day is offloaded and then we chill together or we occasionally go out. We've decided to start embracing the outdoors a little bit now the sun has started to pop out. I'm a bit of a child and we have a lovely little park area and a lake near us in walking distance so a chill on the swings is a perfect way to get some fresh air into my lungs!
What are your five favourite songs?
Ok, I thought this tag was going to be easy! since the colour question it's just getting harder lol. My fave music depends on my mood and the situation I'm in and my favourites can change on a flip of a coin lol.
1. One Day Like This - Elbow (It was our first dance song)
2. Salute - Little Mix (oh yeeeeeeah I'm a mixer haha)
3. A Bad Dream - Keane (It's spine chilling when they sing it live - I've seen them twice)
4. Magic - Coldplay
5. pretty much anything by Ed sheeran at the mo (sorry to be vague)

If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Cottage pie (a good way to have meat and veg in one meal - balanced diet - BOOM!)
What is something you really dislike?
Ignorant loud people (ie parent's that constantly shout down at their children to be "powerful" RUDE!!!)
Summer or Winter?
Summer. My conditions are much worse in the winter than the summer but I love the festivities and family time in the winter.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
I can never actually make my mind up so I think I'm safest staying put haha. The one place that I have visited lots and know that I would actually be happy in is Dorset. There are some absolutely stunning places and the way of life down there is so different to the life up here. There are dozens of places that I want to visit though!
Name five of your favourite films:
It's not that often that I watch a film. I don't really know why because I do like them - there are loads that I want to see and I don't really have any specific favourites but these are some that I have watched more than once and like a lot.
1. The three (yeah, Ok I cheated) Batman films with Christian Bale in.
2. The Sound of Music (I can near enough recite it due to over watching it)
3. 21 Jump Street
4. Forrest Gump
5. The Waterboy
If you won the lottery, what would you buy?
A "forever" home. One that is too big for two people to live in ;)
Favourite day of the week?
Sunday because it's the day I tend to have most quality time with Dan whether it be cuddling on the sofa, a spontaneous day out or time with family and friends.

What 3 things would you take to a desert island?
1. my meds

2. water purification system
3. This survival guide - haha

Sweet or Savoury?
At the moment I'd say sweet because I'm really loving fruity smoothies yum yum yum
Early Bird or Night Owl?
Definitely a night owl. I take my meds at 10pm which sometimes knocks me out within 30mins but only if I'm run down or feeling tired anyway. I am really bad in the mornings. Everything is an effort because of how my conditions affect me and the medications that I take just make me feel yucky. It might all change soon though so I will hopefully be able to say I'm am an all day person haha.
Name five of your favourite books:
1. The autobiography that my Grandad wrote and had published for the family before he died.

2. The diary of Anne Frank

3. Don't Wake The Bear, Hare (it's a children's book but when I was a teacher I loved to read it to my class and they loved it too)

4. The complete works of Beatrix Potter

5. The Fault In Our Stars - John Green

Favourite drink?
Robinsons Fruit and barley Apple and Pear flavour - it's delicious! I freeze a bottle of it concentrated and I also add a drop to my smoothies - yummy yummy!
Favourite animal?
Monkeys! My spare bedroom is a mix of Arsenal Football (for Dan), Monkeys (for me) and soon to be BTCC autographs (for both of us)

Who do you tag next?

Easy peasy - ANYONE of you that is reading this blog that has not already done this tag! Please Comment when/if you have done it and I will come and visit your page. If you don't have a blog, message me anyway and I'll message back as always :)

Thanks for this Tag Han, It's been flippin' hard going I'll tell ya! ha.



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