Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Catching up and some pics from the weekend

Hello Lovely people that read this blog.

So, another weekend has been and gone again in my world that is "the little golden daffodil". I am aware that I didn't write about Fathers day weekend. I had a rather exhausting (but lovely) time with my family and we spent some time with Dan's dad too. It was lovely to see my dads face when he opened his gift from us (a USB fan clock). Dad couldn't believe that we had remembered him being fascinated with it many months ago so bought one almost straight away and saved it for fathers day!

The weekend just gone (21st-22nd June) Dan and I had yet another fun packed adventure planned. Well it actually started on Friday for me... Dan car shares for work and it's not his drive this week so we planned that on Friday I would pick him up from work (which is close to the M1) and then we would head down to Cambridge to stay with my university friend and her Husband (and their new cat, Tilly). Dan sorted all the stuff he wanted to take on Thursday night and piled it up ready for me to pack... I, on the other hand, had sorted NOTHING! I managed to get up relatively early on Friday because I had an early bed time on Thursday night. I decided that I wanted to bake some buns for my friends so I made a batch and got them in the oven, washed the pots while they were baking and hung the washing out. While they were cooling I made the caramel buttercream frosting and then set about getting my stuff ready to pack. I had the worlds quickest shower followed by fake tan (I used the lightest shade of the Ambre Solaire no streaks dry mist self tan - It's super quick and it doesn't make me look orange. It also only puts on the lightest coat and is buildable... I only wanted a light coverage as I wanted to take the whiteness away and just look a little sun kissed). I am a bit funny about tanning and I haven't actually fake baked of any description since my university days... I can not stand the orangey patchy tans and I am a bit particular about it looking natural - I'm not a tanning expert which is why I don't do it very much however the ambre solaire spray is my favourite up to yet and is Hannah proof! So, fake tanned up, I was forced to finish packing with just my underwear on, I whizzed round and was super impressed with myself when I managed to get in the car at about 4pm (I would like to add that I was dressed at this point). I got to pick Dan up from our meeting place about 30 minutes late (only because he didn't get overtime that he thought he would have - it gave him time for a cheeky pint). Now the plan was that we would get to my friends house at about 7pm and she had to be at a meeting at 7.30pm but I could go with her because it was something that I am interested in anyway and the guys would go out to eat... When I got to the meeting point with Dan I realised that in my crazy run around the house getting jobs done I had only eaten a trial cupcake that I had baked and I wouldn't get a chance to eat before the meeting so I grabbed a service station sandwich and some crisps. We had such a good run down but hit traffic just as we were close to our turn off.... I was seriously panicking that my friend would be late for her meeting but somehow we got there just in time for me to hop from one car to another and then head off with my friend to the meeting. I found the meeting very interesting and entertaining but I started to feel unwell and I didn't want to make an issue of it. When we got back to my friends house the boys were out (which we later found out was to the Chinese buffet - JEALOUS). We played with Tilly and as it was my first time seeing her (she's not been with them long and she's very timid) I was so impressed that she came to me for a little fuss.

On Saturday we went to Milton Keynes to the Great Linford Waterside Festival. This was the main reason for our trip down to see our friends. My other friend from university days was performing in the festival with her dance crew and she had invited us to go when she knew she was performing. It was a free event and after the quickest trip I've ever made to Tesco to shop for picnic food we got there just in time to set up our little area and then see her perform. After she had performed her slot, she joined us and we spent the rest of the day (until 6.15pm) enjoying spending the time together with music, stalls, ice-cream and sunshine. Some of my friends' friends joined us too and it was a really lovely day enjoyed by all and all it cost was £2.50 car park fee!

Here are some photos of me and one of the stage at the festival:

We had tea at a pub in Milton Keynes where the food was lovely but the service wasn't all that great but we didn't complain and to be honest, we enjoyed the time to chat and chill together.

On Sunday we had a "family day" with my friends family. There was a 12foot paddling pool and a gorgeous buffet lunch, I felt a bit like I'd gate-crashed their day but I was made to feel so so welcome! Seeing my friend in the paddling pool getting splashed by the children was a highlight but being about an inch from being completely dunked (in all of my clothes) was a definite low light haha. I blamed Dan and it was my friends husband that pushed me... It was all done it fun though. We had tea at my friends house (sweet and sour chicken and rice yum yum) and then headed home. The sunset and cloud formation was beautiful on the way home... I managed to snap a few pictures but it was difficult to get a good picture while the car was moving. Here's a selection of them:

 I am still absolutely whacked from such a busy but wonderful weekend with my gorgeous friends. I have noticed that my "recovery rate" is a lot slower at the moment but maybe it's because I'm cramming a lot in knowing that an operation is sure to pop up very soon! I'm certainly making the most of my time that I have before I am of forced chill out!

How have you been enjoying the summer so far? Did you get up to anything interesting this weekend?

Please don't forget to leave me a comment and I'll always reply as soon as I can.

Love Han.xx

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