Sunday, 2 April 2017

Making a come back


It's been a while! I'm not really sure on where to start but I want you to know that I have been thinking about you a lot during the 'break'; and when I say 'you' I literally mean YOU. The blog, the people that actually take the precious time to sit and scan their eyes over the words that I write and also, future Hannah, you!

I am aware that this post has already headed towards a quite deep and thoughtful piece of writing. Don't worry, I'm not totally going there just yet.

"So, where have you been?" I hear you ask.

Geographically, not too far. I've had a few trips here and there which I think are blog posts in themselves at some point. I'd say "plodding along" but it's certainly been more entertaining than that!

As you know I have a few issues with my health and the medical care is ongoing. I have had some really tough spells but let me tell you, I am absolutely focused on my future and I remain hopeful for something to make life a little more predictable (in regards to that aspect of my health at least).

Last year I wrote a whole load of articles for my blog that never got published because my computer decided to have a huge melt down and I very nearly lost everything on it! I lost most of the programming that came pre-installed many many moons (and house moves) ago, so with no back up disc I basically ended up with with a very large web browser! Yeah, I know I can do most stuff with that but I am a creature of habit and I like what I know. Amazingly my extremely old and battered laptop is working again so I have the freedom to type now! - Happy Hannah!

Some other changes from when I last typed are:

I have music back in my life! I have still got the clarinet and Sax hung up but I sing in a choir now and it in turn has given me the enjoyment of piano playing again. It has seriously added something to my life! There will certainly be a blog post about this!

I am trying to be a healthy me. I try to think more wisely about cooking and ordering food - lets face it, if the NHS is doing everything to help me then I can do my bit to help them! (my conditions aren't weight related but obviously in the long run it will be better all round).

Starting 2017 I made a few promises to myself. One of the things that I promised was that I would somehow document stuff so that I could one day look back and laugh at or relive some of the the events of the here and now. As some of you might be aware, I am stupidly forgetful (blame the brain) so doing this is a bit like a snapshot at my favourite times and my struggles. I will try to keep it real. I might have to remind myself on here what to buy and not to buy because I have lost track of the times I have repurchased items that just don't like me or forgotten my fave thing! DOH! haha. So, this blog will meet this promise because it is not like the hospital documents that I have to complete at the end of every day, week and month. It is not here because I have to write it. It is here for me to be free when I sometimes feel trapped and I can write whatever I want. I can talk to this computer and this blank screen. There are obviously times where I will want to be private and I don't want to force any of my friends or family into being a part of this so if they are in pictures I will blank them out unless I have permission but after reading a lot of blogs, it's the ones that are true to real life that I enjoy reading and that is how I want to document my experiences.

This is my little space in the world (well, web) to connect, share and "just be". You are all very welcome to connect, share and just be here in this space with me! If you want to collaborate with me or tag me in challenges then feel free to reach out to me. Share your blog in the comments, pop a link to a challenge and let's see where we end up.

Here's to the future!

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