Saturday, 20 June 2015

Chiari Blogs: It's all gone wrong - but not for long! Back to blogging.

Hello everyone!

I scheduled some posts to come on here this month as I have had quite a lot of things happening AND a small matter of a charity crochet elephant to make (read about it here) but stupidly I did it wrong so the easier thing was to just cancel them all on my phone and I didn't get round to sorting it properly until now!

I have finished the elephant (aptly named Juno) apart from the final stuffing and stitching which I will be doing at the last minute as I am using all of the little hearts that I am also making for each donation as part of the stuffing (I have lots more to make).

Over the next couple of weeks, well, the remainder of June, I will be sharing more hospital related posts, advice on how I "cope" with stressful hospital situations, a list of things for a hospital bag and other things related to dealing with being in and out of hospital. And living with a chronic condition.

I'm so sorry for the huge gap between posts this month. This has been the first time that I have turned on the laptop to have a proper look.

Please, please take a look at my other posts this month here and here

Love and hugs, as always.

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