Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Family days are the best!

Hiya everyone,

My heads all a bit of a mush today but I want to write. I have been feeling utterly rubbish for a few days now and today is the first day that I've felt able to stare at a screen for long enough to type.

Let me bring you up to date a bit...
I had some really good days last week which meant that I got to spend some quality time with my sister, Bex and my nephew, Little Boo. Dan was on night shifts too so it meant that we all got to hang out in the afternoons and spend some lovely family time together. We took little boo to an ice cream factory not too far from where we live. You can read about the place here. It has a little shop and tea room and it's set is lovely open fields. I had a chocolate dipped cone with two scoops (one of Turkish delight and one mint) YUM YUM I still can't say which my favourite ice cream is from there as all of the ones I've tried are delicious! I remember one of my friends making a comment about somewhere being a "proper ice cream place" if they do Pistachio ice cream and this place does it!!! They had some chickens in a coop (more like a luxury chicken hotel) and Little Boo was fascinated by them. My cousin has chickens at his house that are free range and Little Boo has "met" them but only when he was very small so we weren't quite sure if he would remember. Anyway, after ice creams we took him down to the coop to show him the chickens and he was in complete awe. I think to a degree we all were as one of them was absolutely HUGE but Boos little face was a picture! He stood for a good five minutes waving and pointing at them just saying "mama ook uff". We think he was saying uff because there were also two dogs that had arrived previously to us seeing the chickens and he was saying woof because he says that to his dog at home. We kind of did tea in reverse that day as we had ice creams at the factory then we came back for tea before Dan had to go to work. Bex and Boo stayed for a while after Dan had gone. We had all the toys out and Boo had a bath, Bex and I tried our hardest to wear Boo out but he actually beat us and wore us (well, me) out first haha. I will probably keep saying this over and over throughout my blogs and I'm sorry for being slushy but I honestly can not believe how much love I feel for that boy. He is literally the most amazing creation I have ever seen! I loved him beyond words when he was born but somehow as he's got bigger and older and a little bit cheeky I love him more and more - I think when it's my turn to be a mummy I might just actually be impossible for myself to deal with! lol.

While I was still feeling good I also managed to sort my jumble of make up out. I bought myself a muji style organiser from BHS and then went to TK Maxx and found pretty much the same things for a lot less! I still kept the BHS one because it was being used and I still needed the extra organiser... I made up for the expensive purchase by getting a clip lid box from IKEA to put my cotton pads and buds in... it's actually really really useful. We got a second one to store our Tassimo pods in! So, I feel a little better that for at least the spare room (where I tend to do my make up) is more organised. I've also made a start on my office/music room. I managed to get a paper drawer from IKEA which normally costs £20 for £1.50 as it was the last one on the shelf. See here's a hint for anyone that shops at IKEA, if there's something you like and want/need and it's the last one on the shelf go and speak to a member of staff - the bargain corner isn't just for their pre decided items!! ;-) I managed to get my friend a £1.50 bargain too and she was absolutely gobsmacked! KERCHING!! My paper drawer organiser is currently being used to keep my hospital letters in correct piles for filing (that might be my job after I've written this post), envelopes and stamps, my pile of crochet patterns to file and lastly a pack of printing paper.

On Thursday last week (5th June) I went on a little trip out with my parents, Bex and Boo... We went and bought Boo his first Bike from Chesterfield. (You can see which one we got him here). There was some weird stuff going on with the traffic, Apparently the M1 had been closed due to a lorry accident (hope everyone involved were ok) and then literally about 10 cars in front of us there was a real life police drama occurring. I wasn't fully "with it" to get what happened but basically there was an unmarked, blacked out people carrier and a smaller Mercedes looking car with police people in that just bailed out and jumped a car and grabbed something from the central reservation - CRAZY! The driver from the car in front of us got out to take pictures I think. It all happened very fast! Anyway, back to the bike. Uncle Dan built it because Boo's Daddy was at work and obviously a little boy can not wait for such a thing as a go on his first bike hehe. It is a gift to him from Me, Dan and my parents. Dan and I have decided to give him half of his Christmas gift now so that he can enjoy it during the summer and then when it comes to Christmas we will get him Christmassy gifts too and as his birthday is February so we just feel that it's nice for him to have something in the summer to play with. As he gets bigger we will probably just get him something for Christmas and his birthday but while we can spoil him, we will :) - we know to spoil and not to ruin though! Speaking of being spoilt - My mum bought me some benefit make up during our trip out... She got me a gift set AND the "that gal" primer... I will review it when I've tried it.
So after some really amazing days I headed down the slope a bit, I started to be less able to do simple things like walk up the stairs at home so I tried very hard to have a down day on the Friday because we have had British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) tickets booked for a while so I was determined I was going to Oulton Park on Sunday!
On Saturday I was still feeling on the wrong side of right but I knew there was a number of things I HAD to do. It ended up being a crazy busy day and we had a trip to Meadowhall in Sheffield and trips to both parents houses, food shopping AND preparing for a trip to Oulton Park which isn't a trip next door! I was Shattered! Dan was great though and he actually let me into a little secret which made me cry, smile and feel super, super loved!

I'll write about that in my next post ... I might write it later today (or at least start writing it later today).

I'm enjoying this writing malarkey. It's good to just sit for an hour or so and focus on the good stuff. The Oulton Park blog will be next up... I don't think it will be as much of an essay as this or my previous blogs.

Oh, and not forgetting that Hannie has tagged me in a getting to know you type of blog... I'm going to post that up soon too!

Until next time,
Toodles Noodles :)


  1. We did lunch in reverse when we were on holiday - Our Sidekick and I had an ice cream (wafer with two scoops) and Chris had a Knickbocker Glory - it's not fair that he's that skinny and can put away that much ice cream lol.

  2. I love just ice cream and wafer... I can't have cream and a lot of the sauces so I'm quite a boring ice cream eater haha. I'm loving sorbets and frozen yoghurt at the mo! Anything fruity and refreshing :D It surely must mean we finally have summer?! WAHOO!!!

  3. Oh yeah! Had forgotten that! Sorbets are just as yummy. I love like mango sorbet or lemon sorbet. I tried to buy strawberries earlier but they didn't have any in the supermarket :(